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About Us

I first visited this area in 2001 after going to Toscana Mia cooking school.  I had never felt so peaceful and joyful as when I overlooked the vineyards from my rented hamlet. I returned the next year with my husband, and we bought Casa Amore.

Love at First Site.


Casa Amore is a restoration of a 12th century monastery - a large structure that has been divided into smaller apartments. Once owned by the Catholic Church, it was the home of Priests and Nuns, and the vineyard on the property produced sacramental wine. 

The restoration maintained the architectural integrity of the village, set back in time more than 1,000 years. The local villagers share our love of San Sano, and many have had the same family home for centuries. Of course, they have also had the same home recipes for decades, like the fourth-generation restaurant, Trattoria La Grotta della Rana, which always provides lunch or dinner like your Italian grandma used to make.


The restoration of Borgo San Sano took two years, and we still work on the property to upgrade for modern comforts, as with all old homes, it is a work in progress. The vineyard is now managed by the Antinori Family, whcih makes some of the finest wine in Italy. 

We live in Casa Amore part of the year, so it is our actual home. We always have great ambition to travel to other sites while in Italy, but in truth, we rarely leave the area. We can't think of anywhere we'd rather be than San Sano. 

Who we are - Sherry & Ron Sacino

I am a children's author and run a non-profit organization that teaches children how to write - as well as create community storybooks, including capturing the stories of indigenous people throughout the world.  My husband is the third-generation owner of men's clothing retail stores and dry cleaning operations in Florida.   

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