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Location of San Sano (near Siena, Italy)

Welcome to the heart of romance and peacefulness in Tuscany. Staying in a private home in Italy offers the most authentic and relaxing Italian experience imaginable.

San Sano is in the rolling hills of Tuscany  - Fly into Florence or Rome

Book with Confidence and Relax

With more than ten years experience, you can book with confidence and be certain your villa is ready for your arrival with crisp sheets on your bed and a fully equipped home for your visit.


The warmth of the Tuscan people will fill your days as you bask in the natural beauty of the rolling vineyards of the region and dine at the most enticing restaurants in the world. Enjoy local wine, made by small wineries and fresh-pressed olive oil with your homemade bread and farm-grown vegetables.


All areas in Tuscany have their own special charm, and the ideal day is spent discovering new villages and talking with the local people. Time is plentiful, but it goes too quickly in Tuscany, which means you must return time and time again. 

San Sano is 30 minutes from Siena, an hour south of Florence and 3 hours north of Rome. It is ideally located for day trips to Tuscan wineries, cheese makers and the best dining in the world.

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